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The awesome life of being a secretary


You get for free a new leather jacket. Nice!

“Go heavy or go home” week 2, 3 & 4: The rough start continues

Okay so there’s the vblog about the week 2 and about the week 3 I’m gonna just sum it up here.

So my lower back started to really hurt last weekend. I think It got jammed somehow really badly since I couldn’t bent over or do stuff like that at all at the beginning of this week. I went to my physio on Wednesday and asked her opinnion about it. I told her that I thought it was just jammed up muscle but she told me that it can also very well be a flare up.

I won’t lie to you guys this is REALLY eating me up now. A month behind of what should be my new program and I should have tons of new PR’s under my belt but I’ve been barely even sticking to it since I don’t want to make things worse. And the stress at work is also bugging me a lot lately. I feel tired all the time. But there’s been something good in my life also, like some of you may know. But still.

It’s just hard since this time of year I feel sick by my joints all the time and now all this added up it’s really eating my confidence also. I love working out. It’s my way of gettin’ the shit out of my system and get that a few hours of emptiness in my mind. Now I haven’t really got it and I would be going insane if I wouldn’t have such an amazing company by nights. It really is odd to feel like once in your life, after a really bad year, you kind of feel like living again. Minus the body that just wants to fuck me up all the time.

Oh well, you never win anything by whining if you ask me. So my back feels a bit better, I’m gonna hit my floorball practices tomorrow and just feel how it goes. If it goes well then I might do my back routine also tomorrow. Haven’t done DL’s since EVER and I miss them so god damn much. Haha.

Later guys!

First update on my “Go heavy or go home”, new weigtlifting program!

I know my English ain’t good so I’ll translate some of my feelings here as well.

So yeah, I sprang something at my lower back at my floorball practices and it still hurts like hell.So I’m just trying to relax now and hope that it’s just some muscles jammed up or such. I have two dance classes coming up in a row tomorrow so I REEAALLY hope that it goes away after a good night sleep and some heat packages.

My program is gonna be focused on a few exercises that I’ll try consistently get better and lift more and more. Due to my on going problems in my hip socket we decided that squatting heavy ain’t my goal now and I’m gonna just focus on doing some leg movements and strenghtning my hipsocket that way.

So now let’s just all hope that his pain starts to ease tomorrow or it’s gonna be a long recovery for me again. EFFFFF—