Change your mind ~ change your body

First update on my “Go heavy or go home”, new weigtlifting program!

I know my English ain’t good so I’ll translate some of my feelings here as well.

So yeah, I sprang something at my lower back at my floorball practices and it still hurts like hell.So I’m just trying to relax now and hope that it’s just some muscles jammed up or such. I have two dance classes coming up in a row tomorrow so I REEAALLY hope that it goes away after a good night sleep and some heat packages.

My program is gonna be focused on a few exercises that I’ll try consistently get better and lift more and more. Due to my on going problems in my hip socket we decided that squatting heavy ain’t my goal now and I’m gonna just focus on doing some leg movements and strenghtning my hipsocket that way.

So now let’s just all hope that his pain starts to ease tomorrow or it’s gonna be a long recovery for me again. EFFFFF—

2 responses

  1. SumGuy

    You’re a strong individual! Get well soon!

    5.9.2013 at 13:40

    • Maria Saerwen


      14.9.2013 at 02:01

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