Change your mind ~ change your body

What my life is now ~

– Pain meds, loose shoulder and aching hip
– Terrifyig office work as a secretary
– Red Dead Redemption
– Pain
– Working out
– Studying
– More pain
– More working out
– More studying
– Chatting with mah girls
– Shaking my booty to jive, cha cha, etc
– Mi gorda Bella

Here my life in nutshell. Sorry, been too busy to even update my blog. Gonna change it now!



2 responses

  1. Ouch. Read about your hips being uncooperative and inflamed. That sucks.

    You don’t though.

    Look at the list above of what your life is like. The things you can influence, all rock. You work out. You take care of your friends. You play awesome games. You dance — atleast I assume that’s what you young whippersnappers do when you shake your booty.

    These are good things.

    I hope your hips, and other uncooperative body-parts get their act together soon.

    14.3.2013 at 12:52

    • Maria Saerwen

      Thanks for the support. :-) Appreciate it a lot

      18.3.2013 at 10:45

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