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Help – when do you really need it?

I ran into this odd conflict in my life past week and I thought I should share my feelings about it.

I was normally going to grocery shopping to buy something to eat after my day at work. I chose my items quickly and headed to the counters. While I was waiting in line patiently my turn I noticed that in next line where this elder woman who just came to wait in the line. Before her was this girl, about my age, holding her own shopping’s still in hand. Then the elder woman just passed her, without even asking if it was okey and started to pile her groceries on the line. Girl looked at the woman baffled and told her politely that she can’t do that, that she was there first. The woman looked at her, sniffed and said out loud – and I QUOTE everything she said – “I have a bad back and I can’t just stand here waiting. You have so minor purchases and young back that you can stand and wait a little longer.”

Then it was my turn at the counter so I didn’t see or hear at minutes what had happened, but when I was leaving I noticed that the girl let the woman go first while she tried to hide her annoyed facial expression.

This thing got me thinking. I have never had an urge to plead about my medical background in anything. Even when I’m half dead, dragging my left leg along with me while using headrest and getting everybody stare at me and looking at me like I’m some kind of a freak. I have never wanted to take anything the easy way, when maybe I should have sometimes. I have had encounters where people have offered me their help when I have had my wrist worked up and I can barely get that coffee cup from shell to my tray at cafeteria line. And that is totally fine and awfully generous from other people to me.

But I haven’t never used it to get anything easier or more convenient  Why would I? Why would anyone do that? I firmly believe that when you’re at your weakest you’re way more empowered than you feel and show. You just need to do that little effort, break out your comfort zone and just do it. There’s nothing wrong about asking for help, but you need to know when your asking for it just because it’s easy – and you can -, and when you really need it.

Maria Saerwen