Change your mind ~ change your body

Nothing to do? Let’s play with make-up!

      Had absolutely nothing to do, so since my make up gear were here I made “a wound” and started taking photos. Hope you enjoy!

Maria Saerwen

4 responses

  1. Impredictus

    You almost scared me!
    It looks so true !!!! Congrats for that!
    But let me tell you something : you look so much better without!
    Not only prettier (which is not the most important) but alsouch younger, full of life!
    And also more nature, happier, more fresh…
    Okay, I’ve got to stop now, my wife is looking at me with a kind of angry look, I guess I know why… So yes, great ! But leave that away from your face :))

    1.2.2013 at 22:46

    • Maria Saerwen

      Hahhaa, well thank you mister! : ) So kind. But I’m gonna keep fooling around with my make up kit and see what else I’m gonna do with it ; )

      3.2.2013 at 00:06

  2. wow, that is some awesome make up. I need to do this one morning and turn up to work :)

    8.2.2013 at 17:19

    • Maria Saerwen

      Hahhaa, yeah, you might get some attention : D

      9.2.2013 at 15:14

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