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Power of the smile

Sometimes even the smallest gesture can make your day. This happened to me today:

I went to buy my meds at the local drug store. I have had pretty awful two days so far. From the moment I saw my pharmacist I felt good. She smiled at me, told me “Good morning” and did some chitchat which usually doesn’t happen here. Trust me. I was amazed but smiled back, handed my prescriptions and KELA card.  She was so bubbly through the whole process. She told me that she’s gonna go and fed the meds and I just nodded and look at my watch.

Oh there’s so many things to do…  

Then she came back and started putting those label things on the bottles.  Then suddenly she asked me: “Are these you’re only drugs for RA?”

I looked at her and said “Yes.” She smiled at me back, this really wide smile and told me “Oh! That is so good, isn’t it?”

I was so baffled by her smile and the reality that she threw at me: Things could be worse.

I nodded and said yes. After a little silent moment I told her that many of my friends have the biologic drugs and they are whole different category to mine.

“Oh yes they are. So expensive and everything. But if this suits for you and it doesn’t ’cause any side effects it’s great! Glad that it’s working with you.” Her kindness made me feel stupid. I must have looked when I came to her station like the whole world stinks. And she was happy and kind towards me, even though my hard shell that I had put on me.But she changed it. I smiled. Smiled for the first time in days. I felt good although I had the stress banging my head with hammer. I paid my meds, thanked her and left.

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Be nice to someone. Smile. Care. It can seriously make someone’s day.

Maria Saerwen